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Stevens/Henry Specimen Five Dollar Prefix Pair - $29,500 #120993
Renniks 307a
AA07 000000 and AB07 000000
Consecutive Prefix Pair
These prefixes were not used on the general circulation notes. In 1993 the Reserve Bank introduced a year date system where the two digits immediately after the two letters indicated the year of issue. The first prefix of the circulation notes for this year is BA07, as the AA07 and AB07 prefixes had already been used in 1992 on the Fraser/Cole issue. To reuse the AA and AB prefixes would have resulted in the issuing of notes with duplicate serial numbers.
Stevens/Henry Fifty Dollar Specimen - $4,950 #120982
Renniks 604c
BF09 000000
Taken from a specimen sheet of 40 notes released by the Governor of the Reserve Bank.