NSW 1813 'D2' Dump - $5,000 #121666
George III

Fine on the obverse with a prominent crown and partial legend and date visible but with little reverse detail (Fair). There are some surface scratches evident on the surfaces.

An important colonial coin in an affordable grade.

NSW 1813 'E3' Dump - $27,500 #120459
George III

good Fine for issue.
Although it has porous surfaces it is one of the better detailed examples of this rare type.

The coin has excellent provenance being once owned by Pat Boland the curator of the Sydney Mint Museum. He originally purchased the coin from the renowned coin dealer Dave Raymond in March 1946 for the then significant sum of 4 Pounds 5 Shillings.

Only around 10 of the this type have survived. The E3 and the even rarer C4 type were early experimental strikings.
NSW 1813 'Copper' Dump - $3,500 #121594
George III

Crudely made from a circulating English 1797 Penny this contemporary forgery was recovered from the Pitt Street excavation of 1927 and was later sold by one of Sydney's earliest coin dealers, Dave Raymond, who was active from 1914 to 1958.