An Order by the Legislative Council of Victoria agreeing to the coinage of Gold at the Sydney Mint - $3,500
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This document dated 22nd May, 1855, outlines the legal opinion that was adopted on the 31st December, 1854 ' to empower the coinage of Gold at the Sydney Mint, and for giving currency to the same within the Australian Colonies.'

The document goes into several legal opinions regarding the legality of striking coins outside of the United Kingdom that would pass as legal tender in the Australian Colonies.

A draft proclamation contained therein describes that 'a coinage of the said Australian sovereigns and half-sovereigns shall be made, and that every such Australian sovereign shall have for the obverse the effigy of Her Majesty, with the inscription "Victoria D.G. Britanniar. Regina F.D.," and the date of the year; for the reverse the word "Australia" placed in the centre of the piece, encircled by a laurel wreath and surmounted by the Royal Crown, with the inscription "Sydney Mint, One Sovereign," and with graining on the edge.' It follows on with a similar description of the ensuing Sydney Mint Halfsovereign.

This is a rare insight into the political machinations that led to the establishment of a branch of the Royal Mint in Sydney.

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