The official pamphlet outlining the establishment of a 'New Colony in South Australia' dated 1835 - $7,500
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Dated 1(st) Sept(ember), 1835 this document outlines the 'Regulations for the disposal of land in the Colony, for the preliminary sales of Colonial Land in this Country, and for the emigration of Labourers' to South Australia.

The conditions allowed for the sale of land on a tender basis at the rate of 1/- per acre and interestingly it is specfically mentioned that the Crown did not reserve rights to anything ' whether above or below the surface of the land'. Mining rights for example lay vested with the purchaser.

Prospective emigrants were recommended to read available works on Australia such as ' A Voyage to Terra Australis ...' by Matthew Flinders and 'Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern Australia' by Capt. Charles Sturt.

An interesting companion piece to the 'Bank of South Australia 10 Pound note of 1837' offered in our Pre-Federation banknote section.

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