Resolution and Adventure Medal, 1772 - $32,500
Stock# 120852

One of 142 struck in silver.

The Resolution and Adventure Medal was commissioned by Sir Joseph Banks and struck at the Soho Mint by Matthew Boulton. Banks was to accompany Cook on his second voyage of discovery and had 2,000 medals struck in platina (brass),142 in silver and two in gold. The platina medals were to be distributed to natives that were encountered on the voyage while the silver were to be distributed to Banks' friends and fellows of the Royal Society. The two gold were struck for Banks and King George 111. Banks withdrew from the voyage afer a dispute with the Admiralty but the medals were already struck and were put to their intended use.

The silver and gold medals were struck on a new reverse die which is noticeably different to that used to produced the platina medals. The most observable difference is the absence of the die crack that
begins at six o'clock on the platina medals.

Because the medal is struck in very high relief very few have survived in high grade and as such our uncirculated medal stands out as one of the finest known.

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