The 'Neptune Opal' - 29.31 ct - $39,500
Stock# 120898

Opalised Shell from Coober Pedy, South Australia
Referred to commonly as fossil shell. The shell has been dissolved over time and replaced by opal.

Technical Data:

Australian light crystal opal. Type 1 (100% natural)
Carat weight : 29.31
Dimensions : 21.90 x 25.85 x 8.54 mm
Source : Coober Pedy in South Australia.
No enhancement of any kind can be seen.
Body tone described as light crystal. N7. Translucent.
Play of colour :
Brightness - Very bright multicolour.
Saturation - Strong.
Pattern - Pinfire very consistent.
Directionality - Not displayed.
Clarity : No inclusions. Slight discolouring on the back surface.
Cutting : Oval medium dome.
Symmetry : Excellent.
Polish : Excellent.

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