World War I Ephemera including the signature of William Jackson V.C. - $2,950
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An interesting collection of souvenirs,invitations, programs and event ribbons pertaining to World War I. The collection includes a pressed leaf with a painted inscription 'Gaba Tepe 1915' , which alludes to an Anzac connection. (The landing at Anzac Cove at Gallipoli on the 25th April, 1915 is also known as the landing at Gaba Tepe).

Also in the collection is a cardboard replica of a Victoria Cross bearing the hesitant left-hand signature of (John) William Jackson (his right arm was blown off in the action for which he was awarded the VC). Jackson was at eighteen years of age, Australia's youngest recipient of the medal in World War I. He had survived the Gallipoli Campaign before serving on the Western Front where he was awarded the VC for conspicuous bravery.

Jackson had initially been awarded a (D)istinguished (C)onduct (M)edal which was then upgraded to a (V)ictoria (C)ross for the same action, but in a bureaucratic error he was not notified of the cancellation of the DCM until several years after the war during which time he had wrongly signed his name W. Jackson V.C. DCM (as it appears on the VC replica)

The items were accumulated by Mary Josephine Meagher a member of the Executive Committee for the 1919 Victory Celebrations.

Other items include a program for a 1914 concert to benefit the Red Cross. A World War I postcard dated 18/7/17 addressed to 'Mary' and signed 'Bob'. A Citizen's Welcome at Town Hall (Sydney) for 'Anzacs on Furlough', dated November,1918. A program for the Victory Celebrations accompanied by a personal invitation, a press pass and two other tickets to events and official ribbons confirming her executive roles.

The program for the 'Official Naval and Military Tournament' a sporting event held on July 19, 1919, catered for returned sailors and soldiers with the 'Threading the Needle Race' open to one legged men who had suffered limb loss during the war.

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