British East Africa 1920 (A) Florin (KM-17) - $7,500
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George V
Choice Uncirculated

Jerome Remick in his seminal work "The Guidebook and Catalogue of British Commonwealth Coins" noted that "the 1920 Shilling (12,000 mintage) and Florin (542,000 mintage) with the 'A' mint mark were shipped to East Africa but except for very few specimens were never put into circulation and were returned to the mint and melted." The coins were struck under contract by Ackroyd and Best of Morley, England on dies prepared by the Royal Mint, London.

The major production of 1920 Florins (9,689,000) bear an 'H' mint mark being struck by the Heaton Mint, Birmingham on dies also supplied by the Royal Mint. However, an additional 1,479,000 were struck by the Royal Mint which traditionally bore no mint mark.

This coin appears to be a hybrid of the 1920A and 1920 Florins being struck on obsolete dies from which the 'A' has been removed. It has been identified by NGC as a 1920 Florin but there is light impression of a 'A' in the unnatural concavity above the '1' where the mint mark should occur. The surfaces of the coin are also grainy suggesting that the coin was struck on rusty dies derived from an abandoned reverse tool (hub) which has been altered by the removal of the 'A' and then brought back into service to complete the year's production.

A high grade for either type.

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