Historical Documents

The official pamphlet outlining the establishment of a 'New Colony in South Australia' dated 1835 - $7,500 #120636
Dated 1(st) Sept(ember), 1835 this document outlines the 'Regulations for the disposal of land in the Colony, for the preliminary sales of Colonial Land in this Country, and for the emigration of Labourers' to South Australia.
The Government Report on the 'Riot at Ballaarat' that led to the uprising at the Eureka Stockade - $7,500 #120635
This enquiry dated 21st November, 1854 looks into the circumstances of the 'Riot at Ballaarat' that precipitated the rebellion at the 'Eureka Stockade'.
An Order by the Legislative Council of Victoria agreeing to the coinage of Gold at the Sydney Mint - $3,500 #120633
This document dated 22nd May, 1855, outlines the legal opinion that was adopted on the 31st December, 1854 ' to empower the coinage of Gold at the Sydney Mint, and for giving currency to the same within the Australian Colonies.'
"Supposed Fossil Man" - A Report to the NSW Legislative Assembly, 1889 - $950 #121499
A debunking by C.S. Wilkinson, the Geological Surveyor (NSW) of the "Supposed Fossil Man" found near Orange.
First Annual Report for the 'Taronga Zoological Park Trust, Sydney', 1917 - $1,250 #121574
Report for the Year ended 31st December, 1916 of the Taronga Zoological Park Trust, Sydney.

On the 1st September, 1916 the Zoological Gardens at Moore Park, which had operated for 38 years, closed its doors for the last time and its animal exhibits were transferred to a new facility at Athol Bight, Mosman. The official opening of the new Taronga Zoological Park took place on Saturday, 7th October, 1916. The Annual Report contains a comprehensive list of animals in the collection, a detailed map of the animal enclosures and a number of contemporary photographs.

In original condition excepting for a few minor tears and losses on the front cover.